Your views on rubbish

HOUSEHOLDS in Belper are being asked to take part in what could be the biggest shake-up of Amber Valley’s recycling and waste collection services in eight years.

The current contract for the services is up for renewal in June next year.

Now, an online survey has started that asks people to give their views about possible new collection arrangements, including the types of containers used by households to store what they recycle or throw away.

The five-minute online, or paper, survey asks people what methods of collection they would like to see for their recycling and rubbish in the future.

It also asks how many wheelie bins people would be able and willing to store at their property.

The views will be used to help shape the new service when discussions start with potential new contractors next month.

The current methods in Belper involve putting household waste into a wheelie bin or purple bags, while recyclable materials, such as tins, glass, paper and cardboard, go into separate boxes and bags.

Julian Townsend, of Amber Valley Borough Council, said: “We want to discuss with contractors the several possible solutions that could satisfy the need for an efficient, economic and effective recycling and waste collection service. It is crucial to strike the right balance between customer service, the environment and cost, taking into account issues such as convenience, frequency of collection, what materials are collected, how they are collected and their quality. The results of the survey will be given to potential contractors when we meet them for the first time in March.”

The consultation, which ends on February 24, also asks residents if the council should provide recycling bins on the street and public places for products consumed on the go.

Discussions about the new service will continue until the autumn and a final decision is expected in November.

Cllr Jack Brown said: “This survey is the best chance in years for people in Belper to change or keep the way their recycling and rubbish is collected from their homes. I am sure that people will relish the chance to make a difference to the future of this vital service but we want people’s views from the outset of the process as we start to talk to contractors.”

Fill the survey in at Paper copies are also available.