Belper Chess Club continue playing programme

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Belper Chess Club’s playing programme continued with three teams of four each competing in Rounds One and Two of the Derby and District League Cup and Plate competition.

The format for preliminary rounds 1-4 is 30 minutess for all moves per player per game.

After these rounds the leading teams progress to the finals.

The finals are played with a time rate of 1 hour and 15 mins per player per game with 15 mins added to each players clock after Black’s 30th move.

If either clock flag falls before the required number of moves having been played that results in the loss of the game for the player whose flag as fallen.

This method ensures all teams have at least four games in the competition.

Belper C.C. results on the night were ‘A’ 7/8’ ‘B’ 3/8 and ‘C’ 4/8.

Activities continue with league matches at the Club venue Wednesday 29th. October at the ‘Old Kings Head’ 1, Days Lane, Belper.