Cricket cancellations are damaging in more ways than one

The decimation of the local cricket scene due to the monsoon-like rains over the past few weeks has hit clubs hard in more ways than one.

Denby Cricket club’s first team have been particularly badly hit, having lost over 50 per cent of their scheduled Derbyshire Premier League games to the unseasonally wet conditions.

Spokesman for the club, Mick Glenn said: “It has been that wet, things out of the norm begin to happen.

“We are getting crows pecking up some kind of lava on the square, possibly from a daddy long-legs type of insect and the wicket has been that wet, it has also become covered in some type of algae which means the groundsmen are trying to get pitches ready in very difficult circumstances.”

To back that fact up, Denby’s Copper Yard ground is currently bearing a sign which explains and warns of the dangers currently facing the groundsman with the words “Severe danger, fungal infection, keep off.”

It is not just on the field that problems have been felt either.

Glenn added: “Spells without games affects the players’ morale. People stop coming quite as often and start doing other things so the takings in the club’s bar go down.

“The situation is quite demoralising. There is just no momentum to the season, you just can’t get going.”

Apart from matters on the pitch, the club are also feeling the pinch from lost revenue.

Glenn went on:“The lack of earnings from not playing at home is a serious thing for cricket clubs like ours. It must be into the thousands of pounds of lost revenue so far. It is going to hit us fairly hard and other clubs as well.”

Meanwhile, Denby Cricket Club have announced plans for a their 30th anniversary of playing at their Copper Yard home.

The club are planning to run a cricket week packed with celebratory events at the ground from August 25 to Septemter 2 this year.

And the club are hoping for as many former members of the club, whether as an official or player over the 30 years, will attend the event.

Mick Glenn explained: “We are eager for people to get in touch with the club and to bring a few others along with them!”

Anyone interested in attending or requiring further information should contact Mick Glenn on 07976 504276 or by emailing him at or making contact via the club’s official Twitter page: @denbycc

Denby CC juniors have fared slightly better over recent weeks. Despite the rain-affected pitches, they have managed to get some games played and they have all done well with a limited pro-gramme.