Derbyshire County Cricket League results

The scheduled Derbyshire County Cricket League fixture list for Saturday, June 16 was hit by numerous cancellations and abandonments as the unseasonally heavy rainy conditions left numerous grounds unfit for play.

Results for Saturday, June 16

Abbey Glass Division One

Alfreton (6pts) match cancelled v Marehay (6pts)

Cutthorpe (6pts) match cancelled v Eckington (6pts)

Elvaston (3pts) 92-8 [35 overs] (M Smyth 4-31) drew with Stainsby Hall (16pts) 154-3 [35 overs] (A Lynch 40, T Wood 51, T Morris 34*)

Ilkeston Rutland (6pts) match cancelled v Sawley & LE Park (6pts)

Matlock (6pts) 33-1 [10.4 overs] match abandoned v Duffield (6pts)

Staveley Welfare (6pts) match cancelled v Clifton (6pts)

‘the follow on’ Division 2

Ambergate (6pts) match cancelled v Aston-on-Trent (6pts)

Belper Meadows (11pts) 169 all out [42.3 overs] (R Buckley 66, D Clarke 3-42, H Wilmott 3-26) match abandoned v Clay Cross (12pts) 103-4 [30 overs] (H Wilmott 34)

Langley Mill Utd (9pts) 203 all out [34.3 overs] (J Wharton 66, S Wesson 3-70, R Ellerington 3-16) lost to Tutbury (27pts) 259-8

[40 overs] (D Green 59, D Yeomans 42, S Wesson 34, R Ellerington 37*, J Holmes 3-56, R Davey 4-44) by 56 runs

Nutbrook (6pts) match cancelled v Sandiacre Town (6pts)

Rolleston (7pts) 152 all out [44 overs] (T Yates 47, S Mann 4-27) lost to Denby (27pts) 162-9 [46 overs] (L Glenn 35, M Haynes 4-35, L Nelson 3-35) by 10 runs

Shipley Hall (9pts) 101-8 [31 overs] (G Young 4-12) drew with Ockbrook & Borrowash (15pts) 130 all out [30.4 overs] (S Parkin

3-31, G Farnsworth 6-30)

Burton Glass Division 3

Alrewas (10pts) 110-3 [23.1 overs] match abandoned v South Wingfield (12pts) 234-6 [43 overs] (R Smith 35, C Dunn 82, L

Mitchell 61*)

Brailsford (6pts) match cancelled v Alvaston & Boulton (6pts)

Hilton (5pts) 137 all out [43.1 overs] (A Barber 49, J Blackwell 4- 22, D Russell 4-44) lost to Walton-on-Trent (22pts) 140-6 [33.5

overs] (E Chapman 43, D Preston 39*, A McGoldrick 3-36, N Barber 3-58) by 4 wickets

Marehay (6pts) match cancelled v Wirksworth & Middleton (6pts)

Spondon (6pts) match cancelled v Holmewood (6pts)

Trentside (6pts) match cancelled v Derby Congs (6pts)

Croots Farm Shop Division 4N

Breadsall (6pts) match cancelled v Darley Dale (6pts)

Chesterfield (6pts) 98-0 [19 overs] (J Colton 38*, M Keshwala 53*) match abandoned v Ilkeston Rutland (6pts)

Heanor Town (0pts) 26 all out [24 overs] (C Cruz 4-7, P Hort 6-19) lost to West Hallam WR (22pts) 28-1 [4.3 overs] by 9

Morton Colliery (6pts) match abandoned v Clowne Town (6pts) 36-0 [8 overs]

Pilsley (6pts) 8-0 [2 overs] match abandoned v Ambergate (6pts)

Swanwick Hall (6pts) match cancelled v Riddings (6pts)

Viceroy Restaurant Division 4S

Barton (6pts) match cancelled v Etwall (6pts)

Dunstall (6pts) match cancelled v Winshill (6pts)

Lullington Park (11pts) 245-6 [39 overs] (B Adams 35, S Eaton 101, T Caron 42, W Arnold 35, N Thompson 3-49) match

abandoned v Swarkestone (9pts) 25-0 [13 overs]

Mickleover (11pts) 170-8 [31 overs] (A Vaughan 49, K Callaghan 3-39, F Hughes 3-50) match abandoned v Elvaston (10pts) 45-4 [12.4 overs]

Quarndon (13pts) 158-9 [32 overs] (J Smith 74, M Zaroob 4-58, K Subani 4-40) match abandoned v Burton (13pts) 174-8 [39 overs] (N Khan 36, N Ishfaq 33, I Kazmi 44, S Clamp 5-44)

Ticknall (7pts) 108-5 [36 overs] (G Chamberlain 43, T Adcock 3-31) drew with Darley Abbey (15pts) 170-8 [36 overs] (A Brearley 62, B Hicks 34, G Chamberlain 3-38, O Roome 4-39)

CN Wright (Codnor) Butchers Division 5N

Ashover (6pts) 66-2 [19 overs] match abandoned v Selston Town (7pts)

Belper Amateurs (6pts) match cancelled v Codnor (6pts)

Denby (6pts) match cancelled v Langley Mill Utd (6pts)

Duffield (1pt) 85 all out [33 overs] (N Rooke 5-22) lost to Alfreton (22pts) 86-3 [24.3 overs] (A Simmons 37*, M Antill 3-25) by 7 wickets

Sandiacre Town (6pts) match cancelled v Belper Meadows (6pts)

South Wingfield (6pts) match cancelled v Matlock (6pts)

Derbyshire Cricket Society Division 5S

Aston-on-Trent (16pts) 161-9 [38 overs] (R Mahmood 40, F Munir 77*) drew with Trentside (9pts) 132-8 [38 overs] (M Ali 4-23)

Clifton (8pts) 130-6 [46 overs] (A Kent 3-22) match abandoned v Rolls Royce Leisure (9pts) 16-0 [8.1 overs]

Littleover Centurions (6pts) match cancelled v Rolleston (6pts)

Melbourne Town (6pts) match cancelled v Alrewas (6pts)

Sawley & LE Park (6pts) match cancelled v Allestree (6pts)

Tutbury (6pts) 198-8 [46 overs] (A Luffman 53, M Whittingham 36, A Barnes 3-34, J Sharp 3-13) lost to Lullington Park (22pts)

200-4 [36 overs] (R Jones 85, L Bingham 67*) by 6 wickets

Geoff Cox Cars Division 6N

Clay Cross (6pts) match cancelled v Nutbrook (6pts)

Clowne Town (11pts) 222-4 [42 overs] (B Holmes, 94, M Linacre 57) match abandoned v Ashover (8pts)

Cromford Meadows (8pts) match abandoned v Shipley Hall (6pts) 48-4 [22 overs] (D Losper 3-18)

Eckington (10pts) 183-6 [46 overs] (C Fields 80, M Long 36, J Holmes 3-55) match abandoned v Breadsall (9pts)

Stainsby Hall (3pts) 145-9 [35 overs] (D Lowndes 48, S Hoole 4-27) lost to Chesterfield Barbarians (22pts) 150-3 [26 overs] (A

Keeley 57) by 7 wickets

West Hallam WR (6pts) match cancelled v Staveley Welfare (6pts)

Engments Division 6S

Abbots Bromley (5pts) 81 all out [25.2 overs] (D Jones 35, D Singh 5-23, M Crowther 3-14) lost to Mickleover (27pts) 150 all out [45.2 overs] (C Stevenson 48, D Singh 59, M Tracey 4-23, S Rashid 5-34) by 69 runs

Derby Congs (6pts) match cancelled v Castle Donington Town (6pts)

Ockbrook & Borrowash (6pts) match cancelled v Wootton (6pts)

Rosehill Meths (22pts) 180-2 [29.3 overs] (J Sharpe 79, S Hanif 75*) beat Stanton Elks (5pts) 178-8 [38 overs] (R Barnes 91, S

Law 32, N Abas 4-40) by 8 wickets

Spondon (6pts) match cancelled v Brailsford (6pts)

Uttoxeter (7pts) 167-6 [46 overs] (A Young 47, A Johnson 37) lost to Littleover Centurions (22pts) 168-8 [42.1 overs] (M

Hussain 52) by 2 wickets

JSF Stainless Ltd Division 7N

Butterley Utd (6pts) match cancelled v Heanor Town (6pts)

Darley Dale (8pts) match abandoned v Cutthorpe (6pts) 68-4 [23 overs] (M Platts 33*, M Tong 3-30)

Kirk Langley (6pts) match cancelled v Alfreton (6pts)

Wingerworth S (10pts) 9-0 [3 overs] match abandoned v Belper Amateurs (9pts) 158-9 [46 overs] (J Deeming 77, S Minion 32, J Grant 4-34)

Wirksworth & Middleton (6pts) match abandoned v Mugginton (6pts) 16-0 [4.4 overs]

Brookside Press Division 7S

Darley Abbey (6pts) match cancelled v Barton (6pts)

Hartshorne (6pts) match cancelled v Rolleston (6pts)

Quarndon (6pts) match cancelled v Yoxall (6pts)

Ticknall (6pts) match cancelled v Elvaston (6pts)

Walton-on-Trent (27pts) 178-9 [44 overs] (G Pickering 38, L Williams 33*, M Thompson 3-56) beat Hilton (4pts) 36 all out [20.3

overs] (G Pickering 3-14, L Williams 4-9) by 142 runs

Eaton’s Jewellers Division 8N

Allestree (3pts) 88 all out [18.4 overs] (S Woodward 34, W Kent-Smith 7-14) lost to Ockbrook & Borrowash (27pts) 234-7 [46

overs] (N Holt 104, A Lewis 67, M Baker 3-56, B Parker 3-70) by 146 runs

Belper Meadows (6pts) match cancelled v Calow (6pts)

Holmewood (6pts) 44-1 [16 overs] match abandoned v Denby (6pts)

Little Eaton (6pts) match cancelled v Morton Colliery (6pts)

Riddings (6pts) match cancelled v Swanwick Hall (6pts)

Sawley & LE Park (6pts) match cancelled v Pilsley (6pts)

Pope Machinery Division 8S

Ashbourne (6pts) match cancelled v Washlands (6pts)

Draycott & Hanbury (2pts) 96 all out [39.2 overs] (R Davidson 31, K Bailey 3-35, A Abbassi 3-32) lost to Trentside (27pts) 171-5 [46 overs] (B Fox 51, J Wright 39*, R Davidson 3-55) by 75 runs

Dunstall (6pts) match cancelled v Alvaston & Boulton (6pts)

Etwall (6pts) match cancelled v Spondon (6pts)

Kings Bromley (6pts) match cancelled v Quarndon (6pts)

Packington (6pts) match cancelled v Melbourne Town (6pts)

John Wallis (Consultancy) Division 9N

Clay Cross (6pts) match cancelled v Awsworth (6pts)

Codnor (6pts) match cancelled v Clowne Town (6pts)

Duffield (6pts) match cancelled v Ambergate (6pts)

Ilkeston Rutland (6pts) match cancelled v Wirksworth & Middleton (6pts)

Matlock (6pts) match cancelled v West Hallam WR (6pts)

Mickleover (6pts) match cancelled v Nutbrook (6pts)

Marston’s Pedigree Division 9S

Burton (19pts) 212-4 [41 overs] (L Gunton 103*, D North 44, A France 3-20) drew with Brailsford (6pts) 128-9 [51 overs] (P

Derbyshire 67, J Greasley 32, B Egginton 7-30)

Derby Congs (12pts) 163-8 [46 overs] (U Farooq 36*, M Inglis 3-13) match abandoned v Alrewas (10pts) 81-7 [30 overs] (S

Mohammed 3-18)

Lullington Park (10pts) 196-6 [39 overs] (M Cooper 37, K Crawford 81) match abandoned v Uttoxeter (9pts) 54-1 [14 overs]

Swarkestone (6pts) match cancelled v Tutbury (6pts)

Trentside (6pts) match cancelled v Hartshorne (6pts)

Marston’s Pedigree Division 10N

Brailsford (6pts) match cancelled v Butterley Utd (6pts)

Darley Abbey (6pts) match cancelled v Ashover (6pts)

Eckington (6pts) match cancelled v Breadsall (6pts)

Selston Town (6pts) match cancelled v Cutthorpe (6pts)

Stanton Elks (6pts) match cancelled v Kirk Langley (6pts)

Marston’s Pedigree Division 10S

Castle Donington Town (6pts) match cancelled v Melbourne Town (6pts)

Elvaston (8pts) 126-6 [32 overs] (M Emery 37, M Manley 3-44) drew with Clifton (15pts) 158-7 [32 overs] (P Marsh 42)

Rolleston (6pts) match cancelled v Hilton (6pts)

Wootton (6pts) match cancelled v Ticknall (6pts)

Yoxall (22pts) 93-4 [27.3 overs] (P Martin 47) beat Dunstall (2pts) 92 all out [41 overs] (P Manning 3-25) by 6 wickets