Worst cricket season in 15 years

The 2012 cricket season is the worst for at least 15 years according to Derbyshire County Cricket League match sec-retary Chris Higginbottom.

One league game in three has not started or finished this season which makes it a very high 33 per cent of games in total so far.

“The 2007 season, which was the year of the great floods, saw something like 28 per cent of games not finishing” explained Chris who has been the league match secretary since 1995.

“Those games were all concentrated into a fairly small time scale though. You might get three or four weeks of really bad weather in a normal season, but this year we have only had two Saturday’s , May 26 and June 2, where every game was finished” he added.

“I know 1997 was bad as well with over 20 per cent and 2002 was around 20 percent.

“It appears to be a five-year cycle thing. Beyond those years, the 
average figure is around 14 per cent, with the median figure being ten to 11 per cent which means we are currently three times worse off than what you would consider to be a normal season.

“I have vague recollections of 1983 being pretty awful, but I don’t think there has ever been such a sustained assault by the weather as this season” ended Higginbottom.

Unfortunately, the local weather forecast for this weekend is one of more sustained rain.

Last Saturday saw 100 scheduled cricket games in the Derbyshire Premier Cricket League and Derbyshire County Cricket League’s.

The deluge of rain which fell throughout the county in the days prior to the games meant a staggering 89 were cancelled without a ball being bowled.

Just eleven games started and only five games were played to a conclusion, one in the Premier League at table-topping Swarkestone and four in the County League. On Sunday there were 20 scheduled cup quarter final games of which only two started, one finishing, and one league game which went under.