A Frustrating week

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Belper Town manager Peter Duffield was critical of decisions going against his team after watching the Nailers fall to their second defeat in a week at Sutton Coldfield Town last Saturday.

They lost to a penalty awarded against Richard Adams in the 74th minute, but Duffield’s main gripe was that his side were denied two very strong appeals beforehand.

“I’m not complaining about their penalty as much as the ones the referee chose to ignore earlier in the half.

“Colin Marrison was clearly shoved when going for the ball and the referee told me he didn’t think there was sufficient contact to merit a penalty kick, but when Shaun Tuton was sent sprawling a few minutes later, everyone in the ground saw it, except the referee that is. When officials of the opposing club agree it was a penalty you know that it’s not just our side complaining for the sake of it,” he added.

“It’s difficult enough picking players up after a defeat especially after working so hard and they’ve had a decision like that go against them, but it seems to be a pattern at the moment.”

However Duffield doesn’t place the blame for a hesitant start to the season entirely on the men in the middle, and is just as quick to point out a poor chances-to-goals ratio hasn’t helped either.

“We must have hit the woodwork 12 or 13 times this season and twice more at Sutton on Saturday, not to mention all the chances we have squandered.

“We have to sharpen up in front of goal because it’s affecting our results.”

The midweek defeat to Rainworth ended in controversy when former Belper striker Jordan Turner’s celebrations after his match winning penalty caused unnecessary ill feeling between the two clubs.

Duffield conclude: “I didn’t think we deserved to lose the game, but Karl Colley’s sending off didn’t help and we didn’t step up to the mark. We’ve lost twice in the week and it would easy to feel sorry for ourselves but I won’t allow that to happen and we will look to the next game and do our best.”

The Nailers are at high-flying King’s Lynn on Saturday.