Belper Town director expects club to emerge stronger from coronavirus

Belper Town managing director Dave Lauglin believes the club will emerge stronger from the coronavirus pandemic.

Tuesday, 14th April 2020, 9:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 14th April 2020, 9:27 am
Belper Town director Dave Laughlin believes community spirit and hard work from the club will see the Nailers grow stronger.

Laughlin praised the collective effort of everyone at the club during a tough last six months off the field for the Nailers.

And he vowed that the team spirit shown on and off the pitch would allow Town to bounce back.

In a statement released on the club website Mr Laughlin said: “As a club, we feel as though we’ve had everything thrown at us over the past six months.

“We first had the flooding to contend with, but the reaction and assistance of our supporters, volunteers and tradesman working under the direction of Chairman, Ian Woodward has been truly astounding.

“Then came the suspension of the football season caused by the Covid-19 outbreak and the impact it has had on football and commercial activities.

“The sad reality is that we no longer have any income from football or commercial activities yet we still have contractual and other cost commitments to fulfil.

“We are not alone in this and we may be better placed than some to overcome the difficulties, but the size of the problem cannot be underestimated.

“Some clubs at our level may not even survive to start the new season, whenever that is.

“Our ambition remains as high as it ever was but we have to acknowledge that the future non league landscape is likely to be vastly different to the one that ended so abruptly a month ago.

“But the message to our supporters is clear. We are going to survive this crisis and we are going to be a stronger collective force by doing so.

“All we ask is for supporters to be patient and to stay safe during the pandemic and we can’t wait for the day when we can regroup at the Raygar and do what we do best.”

And Mr Laughlin also revealed the club would be working hard to enhance existing links with the community and their fans.

“We intend to revitalise the club and to increase our engagement with supporters with a number of ventures designed to bring the club closer to the community that we are proud to serve,” he added.

“We will be developing a campaign to promote the concept of affordable football and to try to capture the attention of people who have not historically looked at non league football as a viable alternative to the professional game.

“We also intend to hold regular events for fans in the function room. We have listened with interest to the ideas and suggestions for social events discussed in recent Belper Town FM radio broadcasts and we will be delighted to get involved in helping to organise these events.”

The club have this week launched their ‘100 Club’ with participants paying £10 per month and with a monthly prize fund of £300.

Plans are also in hand to restart the Juniors Nailers Club to increase the interest of junior fans in the club.