‘Craig Bryson was the best value signing in 10 years and owes Derby County nothing!’

I would like to start this column by paying tribute to Craig Bryson, who after eight years is leaving Derby County for Aberdeen. Bryson has been our best value signing in the last 10 years and owes us nothing!

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 10:38 am
Craig Bryson

He has been a fantastic player and no one will forget his 16 goal season, his hat trick against Forest and the fact that when he wasn’t playing he was there amongst the fans cheering our team on! A true modern day legend and I wish him all the very best as he returns to Scotland.

The Frank Lampard circus is finally drawing to a close with him moving back to Chelsea in the manager’s seat.

Too early in my opinion, but nevertheless I hope all goes well for him and he remembers Derby County giving him the big break into management when he looks at loaning out young talented players.

The big question now is who should replace Lampard?

Well, I will personally hoping for Danny and Nicky Cowley of Lincoln City.

As you may know I live in Lincoln and what these brothers have achieved at the club is incredible! They have worked within a budget and within three seasons have taken The Imps from National League strugglers to League One.

Some may question suitability having only managed in lower leagues, but their CV is actually better than Lampard’s! They have earned their stripes too! On a military scale Frank has got his Lance Corporal, but these guys are Sergeants.

Some question as to whether they could attract the right sort of players? Why not? Players I’m sure don’t just go where there is a big name, some may actually be interested in playing for winners!

I caught a couple of Lincoln games during the international break and they are not so much the hoof it team that some have suggested. They appear to have many plans in their playbook and are usually quick off the mark when its evident that things need changing on field.

If we don’t go for them, it won’t be long before another Championship club does! In their first season at Lincoln whilst in the fifth tier they put Ipswich, Brighton and Burnley out of the FA Cup! There was nothing lucky about it either! They appeared to have done their homework in studying opponents and exploiting their weaknesses!

Obviously not everyone will agree with my call, but we avoided the merry-go-round last time and I think that we should do it again!