Massive show from Marlin

BELPER Marlin swimmers excelled at the recent 2011 British Gas Derbyshire ASA county youth and age group championships.

Club members came home with a staggering 25 gold, 13 silver, 11 bronze, 45 fourth to sixth places and 94 all top six places in three weekends of individual swimming events and relay events - nearly doubling the previous year’s top six placings and proving that Belper Marlin are a force to be reckoned with.

Ben Goodall, Fran Marshall and Leah Hollingsworth (who also swim for Derventio eXcel) cleared medals with Ben taking over 12, Fran seven and Leah five - some outstanding swimming.

Midland times went to Fran Marshall (16) for her 100m breast, to Jonathan Altoft (17/19) for his 100m back and 50m back, to Leah Hollingsworth (14) for her 50m breast and to Rob Ainley (14) for his 100m freestyle.

Gold medal first place swimmers excelled with Alex King (13) taking first in the 50m freestyle, 50m back, 100m back, 100m freestyle and Callum Buckley (14) for the 50m breast and his 50m freestyle and Robert Abraham (14) for his 50m breast and 50m freestyle, George Henshaw (9) for his 50m back and 200m freestyle, William Brookes (9) for his 200m freestyle and 50m back.

Silver medals went to Robert Ainley (14) for his 100m breast, to Maddie Shrimpling (11) for her 200m breast, to William Brookes (9) for his 50m freestyle, Jonathan Altoft for his 50m breast, Leah Hollingsworth (14) for her 200m IM. Bronze medals went to Robert Ainley (14) 50m back, 50m breast, 100m freestyle, Alex Goodall (16)for his 50m breast, Maddie Shrimpling (11) 100m breast,

In the relay events Belper’s team spirit was very much in evidence as they took bronze in the men’s (15/18) 400m freestyle team in 3.56.11 for Matt Lawrence, Jonathan Altoft, Matthew Kingdon, Josh James and bronze in the mens (11/14) 400m medley team event in 4.54.87 for Robert Ainley, Michael Shrimpling, Connor Osin, Callum Bradley and bronze for the mixed (9/14) 200m freestyle team event in 1.58.43 for Robert Ainley, Emily Taylor, Amy Hewitt, Connor Osin and fourth place for the womens open 400m freestyle Final in 4.17.67 for Leah Hollingsorth,Rebecca Harrison, Danielle Ball, Frances Marshall and5th place for the women’s (14/17) 400m freestyle event in 4.23.13 for leah Hollingsworth, Danielle Ball, Hannah Kingdon and Frances Marshall.

Head coach Mike Brett said: “The coaching staff are so proud of them all. Their hard work, training and commitment paid off with a massive number of pb’s and a real strong presence at this county event.”