Midlands Regional Alliance update

All the forthcoming fixtures and latest results.

Wednesday, 11th August 2010, 5:29 pm

Fixture for Friday, August 13

Division Two (6.30pm)

Melbourne Dyn Res v Ambergate

Fixtures for Saturday, August 14

Premier Division (3pm)

Allenton United v Long Eaton Utd Res

Belper United v Melbourne Dynamo

Holbrook St Michaels v Swanwick PR

Newmount v Castle Donington Town

Sandiacre Town v Derby R-R Leisure

Willington v Cromford

Division One (3pm)

Allestree v Belper United Res

Bargate Rovers v Holbrook St M Res

Derbyshire Amats v Matlock Sports

Mickleover RBL v Ripley Town

Punjab United v Selston

Shirland Athletic v Derby R-R Leis Res

Division Two (3pm)

Derby Singh Bros v Woolley Moor U

Pastures v Sandiacre Town Res

Punjab Utd Res v Bargate Rovers Res

Roe Farm v Rowsley '86 Res

Swanwick PR Res v Mickleover RBL Res

Wirksworth Ivanhoe v Castle Don. T Res

Wirksworth Town Res v Hilton Harriers

Fixtures for Monday, August 16

Division One (6.30pm)

Belper United Res v Bargate Rovers

Derby R-R Leis Res v Punjab Utd

Holbrook St M Res v Pastures

Matlock Sports v Little Eaton

Division Two (6.30pm)

Melbourne Dynamo Res v Hilton Harriers

Roe Farm v Castle Donington Town Res

Rowsley '86 Res v Wirksworth Ivanhoe

Swanwick PR Res v Pastures Res

Wirksworth Town Res v Ambergate

Fixture for Tuesday, August 17

Division Two (7.30pm)

Sandiacre Town Res v Woolley Moor Utd

Fixtures for Wednesday, August 18

Premier Division (6.30pm)

Cromford v Holbrook St Michaels

Derby R-R Leis v Long Eaton U Res

Newmount v Melbourne Dynamo

Rowsley '86 v Belper United

Swanwick PR v Sandiacre Town

Willington v Castle Donington Town

Wirksworth Town v Allenton United

Division One (6.30pm)

Allestree v Ripley Town

Derbyshire Amateurs v Selston

Mickleover RBL v Findern

Shirland Athletic v Derby Royals

Division Two (6.30pm)

Derby Singh Bros v Bargate Rovers Res

Fixtures for Friday, August 20

Division One (6.30pm)

Derby Royals v Holbrook St M Res

Findern v Punjab United

Pastures v Belper United Res

Division Two (6.30pm)

Melbourne Dyn Res v Sandiacre Tn Res

Roe Farm v Derby Singh Bros

Swanwick PR Res v Ambergate

Results for Friday, August 6

Premier Division

Swanwick PR 0, Long Eaton U Res 3

Division One

Derby Royals 5, Derby R-R Leis Res 1

Division Two

Melbourne Dyn Res A-A Pastures Res

(abandoned 55 mins, serious injury)

Results for Saturday, August 7

Premier Division

Allenton United 4, Cromford 0

Belper United 2, Derby R-R Leisure 1

Chellaston 2, Castle Donington Tn 0

Willington 2, Rowsley '86 1

Division One

Derbyshire Amateurs 2, Belper U Res 2

Findern 4, Bargate Rovers 0

Mickleover RBL 2, Matlock Sports 0

Pastures 5, Ripley Town 2

Shirland Athletic 0, Punjab United 0

Division Two

Derby Singh Bros 1, Rowsley '86 Res 0

Swanwick PR Res 4, Roe Farm 1

Wirksworth Iv. 3, Mickleover RBL Res 2

Results for Monday, August 9

Premier Division

Belper Utd Res 8, Ripley Town 1

Derby R-R Leis Res 1, Pastures 2

Holbrook St M Res 3, Matlock Sports 9

Division Two

Melbourne Dyn Res 1, Roe Farm 1

Mickleover RBL Res 4, Selston Res 2

Punjab U Res 1, Cas Don Tn Res 1

Rowsley '86 Res 3, Woolley Moor U 0

Swanwick PR Res 3, Wirksworth T Res 4