Another great night of darts in the premier division

THERE was another great night of darts in the Ripley Elite Darts Singles League.

The Premier Division saw some big games and some outstanding performances.

Three people remain unbeaten and early pacesetter Daz Brown beat the other summer champion, Ash Spencer, 4-1 in a battle of the league winners.

Aden Kirk remains unbeaten after coming back from 2-0 down to edge Martyn Cutbush 3-2 but this week’s player of the week in the premier division is the other unbeaten player, Daz Sinfield.

He put in an excellent showing turning over the much fancied Matt Padgett 4-1.

Last week prizes for the prediction sheet was newcomer Rob Heath and the week’s highest finish belonged to Mike Ivekich, many congratulations go to both.

Fixtures for Wednesday,

May 9

Sportsdale Division

Rick Gray v Daz Sullivan

Brian Kirk v Ian Richardson

Alan Evans v Ash Fisher

Martyn Cutbush v

Tony Palfreyman

Paul Baker v Daz Sinfield

Ant Parry v Pete Slater

Joanne Oldershaw v Kev Wragg

Daz Brown v Aden Kirk

Matt Padgett v Aron Gregory

Ian Byard v Reece Spurr

Andy Baker v Craig Atter

Wayne Howe v Ash Spencer

Dave Fritchley v Matt Allsopp

Division One

Tim Ray v Brin Johnson

Scott McCabe v Neil Beresford

Paul Croson v Martin Lomas

Chris Breen v Scott McGuinn

Kyle Machin v Martin Richards

Rob Heath v Tracey Johnson

John Selby v John Upton

Dean Tyrell v Wes Smith

Mike Ivekich v John Bush

Dave Slater v Jamie Scanlon

Mick Gascoigne v Paul Jones

Andy Selby v Colin Rich

Rich Hassall v Pete Henstock

RESULTS for week 2

Sportsdale Division

Matt Padgett 5, Ash Fisher 0

Reece Spurr 4, Daz Sullivan 1

Craig Atter 5, Joanne Oldershaw 0

Dave Fritchley 4, Aron Gregory 1

Tony Palfreyman 4,

Ian Richardson 1

Rick Gray 3, Brian Kirk 2

Aden Kirk 3, Martyn Cutbush 2

Andy Baker 4, Kev Wragg 1

Daz Brown 3, Paul Baker 2

Joanne Oldershaw 3, Ash Fisher 2

Daz Sinfield 4, Matt Padgett 1

Tony Palfreyman 3, Matt Allsopp 2

Ian Richardson 4, Ian Byard 1

Ant Parry 4, Reece Spurr 1



Rick Gray x2, Reece Spurr x2, Ant Parry, Ian Richardson, Kev Wragg, Aden Kirk.

Highest finishes

146 by Ash Fisher

113 by Ant Parry

107 by Dave Fritchley

102 by Aron Gregory

Best legs

14 darts by Matt Padgett x2

15 darts by Rick Gray, Ant Parry, Martyn Cutbush

16 darts by Daz Sullivan, Ian Richardson, Dave Fritchley

17darts by Daz Brown, Daz Sinfield

18 darts by Craig Atter, Rick Gray, Daz Brown, Ant Parry, Daz Sinfield, Reece Spurr, Andy Baker, Matt Padgett, Daz Sullivan, Aron Gregory, Tony Palfreyman.

19 darts by Ian Richardson, Aden Kirk, Daz Sullivan, Paul Baker

Week’s highest averages

27.53 by Matt Padgett

25.86 by Ant Parry

25.77 by Daz Brown

25.56 by Reece Spurr

25.40 by Daz Sinfield

25.06 by Daz Sullivan

24.23 by Ash Spencer

23.63 by Pete Henstock (Div. 1)

23.55 by Matt Padgett

23.42 by Paul Baker

Division One

Pete Henstock 5, Scott McGuinn 0

Brin Johnson 1, Scott McCabe 4

Pete Henson 4, Brin Johnson 1

Dean Tyrell 3, Colin Rich 2

John Bush 3, Chris Breen 2

Martin Richards 4, John Bush 1

Paul Croson 2, Tim Ray 3

Kyle Machin 3, Dave Slater 2

John Upton 2, Mick Gascoigne 3

Scott McCabe 4, Scott McGuinn 1

Wes Smith 4, Chris Breen 1

John Selby 2, Mike Ivekich 3

Tracey Johnson 5, Neil Beresford 0

Wes Smith 5, John Scanlon 0

Mick Gascoigne 4, Martin Lomas 1


Wes Smith, Chris Breen, Kyle Machin, Dave Slater, Tim Ray

Highest finishes

116 by Scott McCabe

110 by Dean Tyrell

Best legs

19 darts by Pete Henstock, Wes Smith, Tracey Johnson and Paul Croson

18 darts by Scott McCabe.

Bank Holiday Open Event

This Sunday (May 6), sees the second May Bank Holiday Darts Open event at the new venue of Somercotes Billiard Hall.

This is open to all local players whatever their standard.

Registration is between 11am and 12.30pm, toe the oche for 1pm prompt.

Last year, 88 players came from all over the midlands with Nottingham’s Chris Curley Cooper taking the £500 first prize.

Prize money last year was over £1000 paying down to the quarter finals.