Another strong showing by Marlin at county meet

Belper Marlin Swimming Club
Belper Marlin Swimming Club
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Belper Marlin Swimming Club youngsters were in the thick of the action in the final session of the Derbyshire County Championships.

Teams were competing in multiple relay races across several age groups.

Queens Street Leisure Centre was packed and the atmosphere was buzzing for this final day of competition.

The team 11/12 Medley boys and the 13/14 Medley boys both won gold and five other teams won silver.

In addition, one team took a bronze, while six others were also placed. Well done als0 to the four teams that smashed the club records in 4x50m Freestyle and 5x 50m Medley –girls and boys.

Overall in the championships, Belper Marlin had three fantastic weekends of swimming.

Since 2007, the club has gone from winning six medals, to this year where they won over 11 times that amount at 70 medals. As a Derbyshire club, they came third in the medals total, only behind the larger City of Derby and Long Eaton.

The team behaviour, spirit and support has been excellent and is a credit to the town of Belper and surrounding area, the club believes.

Three swimmers – Casper Raynard , Katy Dymond and William Brookes –have been chosen to attend the county development day with Ross Davenport on their performances in the county event, while Joshua Horobin has been promoted from DXDS to full DX squad, for getting within the required percentage close to national time.

George Henshaw gained first in the boys 50m backstroke and then went on to do a ten-second PB at the disability nationals on 50m crawl.

A spokesman said: “As a final note, it was great to see our coach Mike Brett racing against now City of Derby’s coach Ross Davenport in what was a friendlier, yet still competitive, event at the end of the day. No guesses as to who won … this time!”