Archers keep up long-standing tradition at hall

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Derbyshire Archery Club held its 14th Longbow Open Tournament on Sunday, June 19, in the magnificent historic setting of the Great Lawn, at Kedleston Hall.

Sixty-four archers from near and far gathered to shoot on the lawn where, according to Kedleston’s archives, there has been archery since at least 1790.

The weather promised to be changeable but none were deterred!

Longbows are considered the traditional bow in the sport and are free of the high tech accessories seen on other bow types.

Arrows must be of wood and all feathers or ’fletchings’ are real feather – usually turkey.

Archers shoot ‘rounds’ and for this the event the round is a ‘Windsor’. This means that the archers shoot nine dozen arrows, a third each from 60yds, 50yds and 40yds.

In longbow competitions the winner is the archer with the most hits, second is the archer with the highest score and third is the archer with the most ‘golds’ (the centre of the target). No one can win more than one prize.

Traditions of today’s sport include cake and sherry breaks between rounds .

The club thanked the National Trust for allowing the shoot on the Great Lawn at Kedleston.

Prizes were presented by Mr Don Richardson President of the British Longbow Society.

The results were:


1st – Lee Ankers, of Chase Archers, who missed the target only once.

2nd – Shaun Allen, of North Cheshire Bowmen.

3rd – Colin Hope, of Chantry Bowmen.

Junior Gentlemen:

1st –Ben Cousins.


1st – Elsie Smith, of North Cheshire Bowmen.

2nd –Wendy Baird, of Meriden.

3rd – Linda Press, of Burton Joyce.

Junior Ladies:

1st – Katy Ankers, of Chase Archers.