Belper BC’s Mike earns his seventh win of year

Mike Allen, Belper Bicycle Club
Mike Allen, Belper Bicycle Club
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It was a busy time for the Belper Bicycle Club veterans Derrick Woodings and Mike Allen over the weekend with them both competing on the Saturday and Sunday.

The Saturday event saw them take in the LVRC National Criterium Championships at the York Cycle Track.

This custom-built circuit was found very easy to ride with a good, wide, well-surfaced road, although a little tight, making all the bends, excluding the top loop that was easily negotiable.

Out of 26 starters, including the world class track sprinter Geoff Cooke, Mike Allen finished fourth overall (the winner was Alan Kemp) and he also took third place in his ‘F’ age category.

Sunday saw both riders on their bikes again, together with teammate Bill Cotton, as they tackled the Tom Simpson Memorial Road Race. This was diverted to a course near Maltby on the day due to traffic issues, but everything eventually ran smoothly, despite this early setback.

Although this course was on the short side (four-mile lap) it was demanding with sprints out of three corners each lap, making ideal track training.

The field of around 40 riders took the start and it seemed a large bunch on such a small tight circuit.

With the bell sounding one lap to go, the bunch was resigned to a mass sprint, which started on the downhill section, about 1k out and this was led by Belper’s Mike Allen.

Mike knew he had to keep going to hold off the pure sprinters, which he almost succeeded in doing, but was just pipped by Gaz Hill and Alistair Cameron to finish third overall but still won his ‘F’ group category.

This F cat win was Mike’s seventh this year so far and repeats his win in this event from last year.

In other news, round two of the Belper BC Time Trial Championships took in the Windley course last Wednesday night.

Simon Parkin won the second leg of the event, recording a time of 27:33.

M. Tansley came in 2nd with 29:52, P. Phipps 31:29, S. Creswell 32.01, S. Moorcroft 32.44, J. Greenhill 33:49, Ollie Mee 33:59, Nick Bates 33:59, M. Tomlinson 34:37 and S. Fowkes with 36:44.

The club would like to issue thanks to all who turned out and to the timekeepers for doing yet another great job.