Belper Marlin youngsters battle hard for their club

Last weekend saw the ‘battle of the towns’ in the swimming pool at Leek as Belper, Asbourne, Leek and Uttoxeter went head-to-head in the first of the three competitions won or lost on points gained over the events.

A team from Belper Marlin Swimming Club fought valiantly winning many of their races.

It was a close-run thing with Belper finishing with 113 points, which was only five points off the evening’s winning score.

This leaves the competition wide open with three teams vying for the top spot.

A spokesman for Belper Marlin Swimming Club said: “Let’s hope that with all the training we come home victorious as we have in the past. Bring on round two!”

While all this action was taking place in Leek, Amy and Lauren Neild, Connor Osin and Elliot Stubbs went up against stiff competition at the City of Derby Level 3 Open Meet.

It was a great day of racing with the club’s four young stars taking many first places. Connor even managed to smash the Belper Marlin club record for the 50m backstroke.

The spokesman added: “Belper is developing a strong and committed team of swimmers which the town should be proud of.”