Great time for anglers at Trout Master Fish-Off

It’s been a great week of fishing at Carsington Fishery, despite the breezy conditions of the weekend.

The rod average for this week is the highest so far this season.

Once again this week, many fish have been caught on buzzer and many over-wintered fish have been caught, especially around Fishtail creek and Upperfields bay.

It’s been nice to see a few more people out on the water and groups and clubs making returns visits to the fishery.

The rod average was 8.08 with 412 fish caught by 51 anglers.

The heaviest rainbow was 4lbs caught by Paul Jowett. The largest brown at 2lbs 8oz was caught on a minky booby off sailing club island by Mark Barnsby.

On Saturday, the Trout Master fish-off took place for all those anglers who had entered into Trout Master during the 2012 season.

Malcolm Sargeant won the competition with a bag weight of 15lbs 2oz for his six fish and he also caught the biggest fish of the competition, which was 3lbs 7.5oz. It was a great

day’s fishing with all anglers catching their six fish by 2pm.

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