Impressive performances from Belper Bicycle Club

Bill Cotton of Belper Bicycle Club
Bill Cotton of Belper Bicycle Club
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Belper Bicycle Club sent two riders to compete in the LVRC ‘Olympic’ Omnium event, held at Newport Velodrome.

This new event, promoted by the enthusiastic organiser Mike Amery from Worcester, on behalf of the LVRC.

Belper riders Bill Cotton and Simon Parkin, who rode well at the World Masters last year, had entered along with Derrick Woodings (who was unfortunately unable to ride due to a training crash recently).

The Omnium consists of six events covering many of the track disciplines, from sprints to longer distance endurance races.

It is similar in principle to the athletic decathlon. The event was classified into seven five-year age groups. The events were: lying lap sprint, points race, elimination race, pursuit, scratch race, time trial. In each event, the winner scores one point, second two points and so on. At the end of the competition the winner is the rider with the least points.

The flying lap race is a single timed lap with a flying start, each rider being allowed two laps warm-up and then on the penultimate lap unleashing a sprint coming off the final banking to hit the line where the clock is started until finishing a lap later.

This is for pure sprint riders. In the A (40-44) group, Simon produced a stunning 15.96 second time to finish second in that group just 0.402 secs behind winner John Russel (Strada Cycles) a 35-plus mph ride.

Simon, who has only ridden a couple of top class track events, is now showing real potential and should start to feature on the podium at the nationals in June this year.

Bill also finished second in the ‘F’(65-70) group with a 17.573 second ride. Simon then went on to ride consistently finishing third in the points race, third in the elimination race, fourth in the pursuit, fourth in the scratch race and fourth. again in the three-lap time trial to come out third overall in his age category.