Inspirational figures

ENGLAND’S network of County Golf Partnerships (CGPs) are celebrating success after they inspired more than 54,000 people to have a go at golf in the last year.

That’s up by an impressive 121 per cent on the previous 12 months and the newcomers are helping to generate additional income for golf clubs, driving ranges and coaches.

Richard Flint, England Golf’s Development Manager, commented: “This is a great success story for the County Golf Partnerships and a satisfying reward for all their hard work.”

The partnerships are proving particularly successful at attracting people aged over 16. Almost two-thirds of the total were in this age group and their number (34,458) has increased by a massive 217 per cent on 2010/11.

It’s hoped that many of the newcomers will stay in golf. Already, over 19,000 of the total have taken follow-on coaching and over 2,000 have joined golf clubs. The new memberships are equal to an investment of more than £1.44m in golf clubs, before any additional spending on coaching, green fees and refreshments. (Based on an average membership subscription of £688.)

The CGP network supports grass roots golf at county level and is an integral part of the England Golf Partnership’s (EGP) Whole Sport Plan for golf. These results were achieved in the third year of the current plan, which runs from 2009-2013.

All CGPs offer activities, such as taster sessions and coaching programmes, to attract beginners and returners to the game, particularly those aged 16 and over.