Marlin put in a good display at gala in memory of Jamie

Belper Marlin Swimming Club members at a recent meet
Belper Marlin Swimming Club members at a recent meet

In football, the life of a player is often celebrated by the crowd clapping.

In swimming last weekend, the memory of Jamie Rigby was honoured by over 100 children from around the East Midlands surrounding the pool in Derby and kicking their legs for a minute before starting a gala in his memory.

This turned the pool into a mass of foam, each bubble a tribute to an enthusiastic, dedicated and talented swimmer whose life was sadly cut short in a road accident in 2006.

Ilkeston Swimming Club, along with support from other clubs in the area, including Belper Marlin Swimming Club, has organised the gala in his memory since that day.

Once the friendly, yet competitive races began it was clear to see that each club had its eye on the trophy.

Belper itself was once again up against the larger city clubs but this did not dampen their enthusiasm and desire to win.

Many children achieved first place positions and the crowd as always roared with delight at these individual and team efforts.

Overall the club came third. Just being there was the important part as swimming is a real community sport where we all competitors support one another regardless of the club they were in.