Marlin squad produce some great achievements and medals galore

MARLIN sent a full team to take part in the City of Derby 29th Short Course L3 Open Meet last weekend at Queens Leiesure Centre.

They competed against some very strong teams from all over the Midlands from as far afield as Cleethorpes, Doncaster and Grantham over the two-day event and produced some great achievements with 14 gold medals, 31 silver and 16 bronze.

Swimmers earned a place in the final and top three places in those finals received a medal.

There were countless top three medals for the heats and with some very competitive swimming from Marlin, the medals kept on coming.

The event kicked off with the Girls 9yrs and over 100M IM with a 3rd for Poppy Fisher (9) and 2nd places for Madeleine Shrimpling (12), Amy Neild (13), and Amy Hewitt (15). In the Boys 10yrs and over 100M Breaststroke Elliott Stubbs (13) took 3rd, Connor Osin (14) and William Brookes (10), took 2nd.

In the Girls 10yrs and over 100M Breast Dani Hollingsowrth (13) came 2nd and sister Leah Hollingsworth (15) and Madeleine Shrimpling (12) came in 1st place for their ages groups.

The Girls 9yrs and over 50M Back was the next event with a 2nd place for Poppy fisher (9), 1st place for Amy Neild (13), 2nd place for Tia Millington (13) and 3rd place for Amy Hewitt (15). The Boys 9yrs and over 50M Breast - 3rd place to Dominic Shrimpling (10) and 1st place to Joshua Horobin (12). In the Boys 13yrs 100M back final Elliott Stubbs (13) took 3rd place in the 14 year age group Connor Osin came 2nd, and in the 15 years and over Robert Ainley (15) took 3rd. In the Girls 13yrs 100M Breast final Dani Hollingsworth (13) took 3rd.

In session two of the event, the medals continued with the Boys 9yrs and over 200M IM where 15 yr old Robert Ainley took 2nd.

The 10yrs and over 100M Butterfly produced 1st for William Brookes (10), 2nd for Connor Osin (14) and 3rd for Callum Sheldon (14).

In the Girls 9/yrs over 200M Backstroke Amy Neild (13 came 2nd and Poppy Fisher (9) came 3rd. the Boys 9/yrsover 50M Freestyle 1st place went to Elliott Stuibbs and 2nd place to Joshua Horobin. The Girls 9yrs/over 50M Butterfly produced a 2nd plave for Tia Millington, Madeleine Shrimpling and Leah Hollingsowrth, 3rd plave for Lauren Neild and Amy Hewitt and 1st place for Eleanor Hewitt (13).

In the Boys 9yrs/over 200M Breaststroke Callum Sheldon took 2nd and Joshua Horobin took 1st. On to the finals for this session and 14 yr olds Callum Sheldon took 3rd and Connor Osin 2nd.

Sunday kicked off with a great start in the Boys 10yrs/over 100M Breaststroke when Joshua Horobin (12) swam a determined four lengths to take 1st place and his well deserved first Midland Time in 1.22.64 much to the delight of his family watching.

The Girls 9yrs/over 200M IM was a 1st place for Leah Hollingsworth who is back swimming for Belper fu ll time. Amy Neild was still on form to take 2nd place in the girls 10yrs/over 100M back. Casper Raynard (9) came 2nd in the 9yrs/over 200M Free.

With so many exceptional Breaststroke swimmers amongst the Marlin girls it was no surprise that in the 9yrs/over 50M breaststroke Poppy Fisher and Dani Hollingsworth came 2nd in their agre groups and Madeleine Shrimpling and Leah Hollingsworth 1st in their age groups.

The Boys looked very strong in the 9yrs/over 50M Back with a 3rd place for Casper Raynard, 1st place for William Brookes (back on good form after a short spell away), Elliott Stubbs and Connor Osin took 1st and Joshua Horobin a 2nd. In the final of the Girls 13yrs 100M Back Amy Neild came 3rd.

The final session of the weekend saw the 9yrs/over Boys 100M IM take 2nd place for their ages - Casper Raynard, Joshua Horobin, Elliott Stubbs and Daniel Breeze. The girtls swept the medals in the Girls 10yrs/over 100M Butterfly with a 1st for Leah Hollingsworth and Madeleine Shrimpling, 2nd for Dani Hollingsworth and 3rd for Poppy Fisher.

In the Boys 9yrs/over 50M Butterfly it was a 2nd for Casper Raynard and Connor Osin who swam some strong events over the weekend and a 3rd for Daniel Breeze. In the Girls 9yrs/over 50M Free competition was fierce and Rachel Ainley (11) took 3rd for her agre group and Tia Millington (13) a 1st place. In the boys 9yrs/over 200M Back there were 2nd places for William Brookes, Connor Osin and Elliott Stubbs.

With so many top six places being won by Marlin the whole team should be very proud .

Others who swam great events and gained those top six places were Katy Dymond (9), Sarah Dymond (11), Ryan Horobin, Danielle Ball (15) - good to see back on the circuit, Ellie Baker (11), Hannah Whittaker (12).