Medals galore for young Marlin swimming stars

With all the reports flooding in about the weather and how snow was going to affect transport, it was touch and go as to whether the Open Meet celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Ripley Rascals would go ahead last week.

With a blanket of snow covering the hills surrounding the Arc Leisure Centre in Matlock, parents braved the icy conditions to take their children to this particular swimming competition.

Plenty of races were scheduled for the day with swimmers from all around the county competing.

Belper Marlin Swimming Club, as always, had a strong team with a high number of dedicated children ready to beat their personal bests and also get the better of their friends from the other swimming clubs.

Medals and trophies were awarded to children in the top six places for their age group.

Special mention goes to those who got first place in at least one event or more.

These Marlin swimmers were Katy Dymond, Tia Millington, Amy Neild, Madeleine Shrimpling, William Brookes, Calum Phelan, Josh Horobin, Connor Osin and Dominic Shrimpling.

Meanwhile, Emily Ingram, George Chamberlain, Elliot Stubbs, Ryan Horobin and Cameron Haynes all achieved second places.

In addition, Sarah Dymond and Adrian Brown were the Belper Marlin Swimming Club members who were rewarded with third places for their efforts at the event.

This proved to be an excellent swim by all concerned with the heavy bags full of trophies and the mass of medals around the children’s necks being a testament to their efforts.

The biggest medal however needs to go to the parents who skidded through the snow to get the Belper Marlin Swimming Club youngsters safely to the Arc Leisure Matlock!