Mini Marlins youngsters are making a real splash

Belper's Mini Marlins
Belper's Mini Marlins

Thursday evening saw the Belper Mini Marlins competing against each other in Heanor’s learner pool.

Girls and boys from the ages four to six shot across the water in front of an adoring audience of parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, showing off their swimming skills.

An array of polished golden trophies, plaques and shields were all lined up and there for the taking.

Some children were still using floats but this did not prevent them ploughing through the water, heads down and legs kicking, leaving a wake of froth and bubbles behind them.

Others had developed their strokes enough to swim unaided and it was evident at this point that Belper Marlin’s future was in safe hands.

Once all the races had finished, the children were then given the ultimate of surprises.

A stout gentleman in a red suit, white beard and a sack full of goodies appeared on the pool side.

He wasn’t there for a workout or a dip in the pool, but to bring a bit of Christmas joy to the proceedings.

As you can imagine huge smiles filled the room

Finally to top off the competition, the trophies were presented.

The following places were awarded.

In Stage One, Ewan Lindsay got 1st and 2nd, Jacob Norman got two 2nd s, whilst Emily Allen received a 1st and 3rd place. In Stage Two, Thomas Thurnham was awarded with a 1st and a runner up, Alice Roberts received a 1st and 3rd, and Erin McCluskey got a 2nd and one runner up.

Oliver Brown got one 2nd & one runner up and finally Amelia Lincoln took a 3rd plus was a runner up.

In Stage 3, Joe Sadler came away with a 1st and 3rd, Benjamin Gration received a 3rd and one runner up, whilst Lara Husselbee claimed runner up twice.

Dean Thurnham got one 2nd and one runner up and Sabine McLaughlan was awarded a 1st and 2nd.