Orienteers tackle a tough challenge

Carsington Pastures and Harborough Rocks was the venue for an event that proved exhausting and challenging for orienteers of all ages.

Andy Middleton’s courses set a high physical standard to the 200-odd competitors at a recent event there.

Organised by the Derwent Valley Orienteering Club, the hot temperatures and steep terrain tested the runners in this exciting navigational sport.

The high number of competitors who retired was disappointing but only to be expected considering the conditions.

Eight courses were offered, colour-coded according to difficulty with the white course for the children new to the sport progressing to the greens, blue and brown courses for the experienced orienteer, these more difficult courses differing only in distance.

It was a one, two and three for the Nottinghamshire club on the premier brown course with Richard Robinson, Andrew Llewellyn and Andrew Powell taking the respective honours.

Local results achieving course standards were:

Junior Courses - White 

2nd Alexa Lindsay


1st Peter McNee


1st Rachel Duckworth

5th Isbella Edwards

Intermediate Courses- Light Green:  

1st Sarah Duckworth 

5th Kevin McNee