Snow halts cycling duo in their tracks at the weekend

Some members of the Belper Bicycle Club cyclo-cross team
Some members of the Belper Bicycle Club cyclo-cross team

The Fleche Waltonne Road Race, at Husbands Bosworth near Lutterworth, that Belper Bicycle Club’s Derrick Woodings and Bill Cotton were riding in, was abandoned on Sunday due to heavy snow.

On arrival at HQ, the weather started to deteriorate but it was light rain just before start.

They started at 10.10am and immediately the rain turned to sleet and then snow.

After four miles, the snow was quite thick and was starting to settle.

Derrick made the decision to ride back to HQ after lap one, as did most of the other riders, including Bill.

The race was finally abandoned after 1.5 laps, with some riders doing two full laps. The heavy snow that settled on the lanes made it too dangerous to continue racing.

Sunday was also the day of the famous Milan – San Remo race (the ‘Spring classic’) over in Italy and that mirrored the snowy conditions of the day, although thankfully they managed to resume that after a two-hour halt and a route diversion.

Derrick said he’s ridden in bad conditions before but never like this, and he was starting to lose the feeling in his fingers.

The hot showers afterwards just revived them and the club hopes the weather improves for this coming weekend as Derrick and Bill are competing in the Pinvin road race in Pershore, Worcestershire.