Swimming club reflects on an ‘amazing’ year at presentation do

Belper Marlin Swimming Club presentation night
Belper Marlin Swimming Club presentation night
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The Belper Marlin Swimming Club Championships is the culmination of a year’s training.

In this friendly, yet competitive, three-day gala, the whole club competes to take top honours.

Parents are encouraged to cheer and scream in support and challenge the children to the best YMCA dance.

The youngsters race in 25m events, and, at the age of eight, it is amazing how fast they go.

All the others compete in 50m plus event, the hardest being the medley with its punishing four strokes over 200m.

The team this year is the strongest it has ever been and that is evident to see with the excellent technique and personal bests being shown.

To reward the children, the club handed out medals and trophies to the winners and competitors in their Presentation Evening.

Many children smashed club records, some of which had been held for over 30 years, receiving a certificate for their efforts.

A club spokesman said: “It was obvious that the parents were proud of their children and the presentation given by Paul Horobin brought many a smile to the face as images were seen of the year’s successes.

“It was wonderful that the Mini Marlins came upon stage, the youngest being five years old, to receive a round of applause from the older swimmers and their parents - the future of the club.

“Special mention must go to Tom Osin, who won the Sammy Morris award for all his work behind the scenes. Overall Club Champions were Samuel Brookes, Eleanor Mosley, Sam Frost, Katy Dymond, Elliot Stubbs and Amy Hewitt, whilst Swimmers of the Year were Katy Dymond, Sam Frost, Joshua Horobin and Amy Neild.

“These were the cherry on the cake of a group of amazing swimmers who all received some form of accolade. The icing of the evening was the Arena League Team standing before the parents and taking their well-deserved round of applause for the club’s promotion into Division One of the Arena League. A fantastic achievement!”

The spokesman added: “On a less serious side, the ‘Festive Family’ award went to the Bardens with Christian Barden (father) donning a particularly resplendent jumper with Rudolph with added accessories. Needless to say, he jangled when he walked!

“The year has been amazing for Belper Marlin and the Club Championships and Presentation Evening was a time to ring out the celebrations. Here’s to 2014!”