Three national martial arts titles for Ronin Budo youngster

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Young Scarlet Brown carried the flag for Belper’s Ronin Budo martial arts club by winning three titles at the Revolution English Championships.

Scarlet, who is only 11, was victorious in the points fighting, weapons forms and freestyle forms to complete her most successful competition since she took up the sport two years ago.

“I am so proud of her achievements,” said her coach and Ronin Budo’s principal instructor, Charles Spring. “She trains hard and puts in a lot of effort, so she deserves her success.”

Both Scarlet and Spring will now go forward to the World Championships in Orlando, Florida at the beginning of next month when they will represent England.

“It will be daunting,” admitted Spring. “But Scarlet’s performances show we have been doing something right. I think we are ready for the challenge.” The club is based at the Strutts Centre.