Victory for Woodings

Mike Wight Memorial Races, incorporating the EFGH National Circuit Race championship

THE Mike Wight Memorial Races - incorporating the EFGH National Circuit Race championships were run as two events, the E categories at 11.45am and the FGH categories starting at 1.30pm.

Both events were over 30 laps of a one-mile circuit (the race distance posted as 50km.)

It was another weekend where the weather was initially wet then overcast, a light southerly breeze and the sun coming out for the start and lasting during the event.

Again full marks to Nick Selibas and his team for the splendid organisation and very well marshalled, with mobile motor cycles patrolling the events.

For the FGH race starting last, the weather had come good the early rain had ceased and the wet roads were dry.

The race turned out to be relatively tactical as is usual with combined category championships.

For Derrick Woodings this was his first time on this circuit and he found that it was very similar to Darley Moor where he has a good success record.

His main (G cat) rivals were Ken Haddon and Roly Crayford. The start was for once fairly steady and Derrick was able to get into race mode quickly and comfortably.

He tried one or two attacks to test the water and found that he was riding easily; there being no sharp corners to sprint out of it was easy to get on top of the gear.

At around lap 12 he tried a hard attack and got clear for two laps, this gave him the confidence for later, having decided that his only chance of success was to get away from Ken and Roly.

So using a Les West tactic he tried several more feints which although not succeeding, clearly laid out his intentions.

Approaching the final two laps he put in one final attack and opened up a good gap gambling on the fact that none of the F cats would chase seriously as they would be looking after their own interests.

Murray Kirton tried to get across followed by Ken and Rowley but this failed to pull Derrick in so on the last lap he was able to time trial to a solo victory, the second and third riders to finish were Ken Haddon and Roly Crayford.

Winning the F cat race despite a long sprint from clubmate Mike Allen was Lance Ravenhill, who came off Mike’s wheel with 100-metres to go followed into third place by Dave Gretton.