Golf Column: Tips to help your short game

Sam Shaw, PGA pro from Hayfield
Sam Shaw, PGA pro from Hayfield

PGA professional Sam Shaw, from Hayfield, gives tips on putting in his latest golf column.


Developing confidence in your short game is the key to a good short game.

Practice makes perfect, but how are you practicing?

Players tend to chip, pitch and putt multiple balls from one location just trying to get it close.

When practicing you should hit shots that you will have on the golf course, for example out of testing lies and slopes.

Start your session with one golf ball and pick a location or pin to chip to.

Chip your golf ball to a hole and then go putt it in the hole.

Practicing your short game in this manner lets you focus on the importance of chipping the ball close enough to one putt every time.

The goal of this practice is to get the ball up and down 75% of the time.


This is a great game I use in lessons and for myself.

On the chipping green make 9 tee’s in your head around the green to chip to 9 different holes.

Imagine each hole is a par 2 which means you must get up and down to get a par.

Calculate your score after 9 holes and you will soon be going round, and round trying to beat your best score and whilst enjoying yourself you will be sharpening up your short game.

If this has helped and you would like further improvement with your game then you can contact me for extra tuition.

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