Ripley Elite Darts Singles League

CONGRATULATIONS go to division A winner Wayne Pepper who completed his fixtures one week early due to work commitments and gained the right results to guarantee him the title.

A battle is still going on below for the other spots from second all the way down to 13th place, with the top 12 in each division playing in next summer’s first premier division.

It is between Reece Spurr, Daz Sinfield and Dave Allcock with any two out of the three making it and the other missing out.

In division B, with only a handful of fixtures on the final week, Phil Henshaw needs three points to beat the PDC’s Matt Padgett to the title in a really close division. Ian Byard needs to win his last game to pip Joanne Oldershaw to the 12th position in division B.

The draw for the two winter divisions will take place on Wednesday, September 7, at the club.

Fixtures for week 23

Division A

James Hartle v John Selby

Gordy Toft v Reece Spurr

Lee Rigley v Martyn Cutbush

Daz Brown v Paul Lounds

Aden Kirk v Daz Sullivan

Dave Allcock v Tony Palfreyman

Aron Gregory v Mark Croson

Brian Kirk v Martyn Cutbush

Dave Allcock v Daz Sinfield

Terry Birch v John Selby

Daz Brown v Reece Spurr

Division B

Scott McGuinn v Ian Richardson

Martin Lomas v Paul Brown

Scott McGuinn v Phil Henshaw

Ian Byard v Martin Lomas

Results for week 21

Division A

Ashley Spencer 4, Neil Beresford 1

Wayne Pepper 4, Tristan Dominic 1

Tony Palfreyman 4, Daz Sullivan 1

Aden Kirk 4, John Selby 1

Gordy Toft 4, James Hartle 1

Martyn Cutbush 3, Rob Staley 2

Brian Kirk 4, Mark Croson 1

Dave Allcock 4, Daz Sullivan 1

Daz Brown 3, Terry Birch 2

Paul Baker 4, Tristan Dominic 1

Ashley Spencer 5, Paul Lounds 0

Neil Beresford 3, Lee Rigley 2

Wayne Pepper 5, Daz Sinfield 0

Paul Baker 5, Paul Lounds 0


Daz Brown and Terry Birch

Highest finish

114 by Paul Baker

Best Legs

13 darts by Aden Kirk

14 darts by Wayne Pepper

15 darts by Paul Baker

16 darts by Terry Birch, Wayne Pepper and Ashley Spencer

17 darts by Tony Palfreyman, Daz Sullivan, Martyn Cutbush, Daz Brown, Wayne Pepper (x3), Ashley Spencer, and Paul Baker

18 darts by Wayne Pepper (x3), Paul Baker (x2), Ashley Spencer

19 darts by Tony Palfreyman, Rob Staley, Terry Birch, Daz Brown, Wayne Pepper, Gordy Toft and Brian Kirk

Highest averages

28.14 by Wayne Pepper; 27.52 by Paul Baker; 26.94 by Daz Brown; 25.77 by Daz Sinfield

25.64 by Wayne Pepper

25.13 by Terry Birch

25.05 by Tony Palfreyman

24.55 by Ashley Spencer

24.16 by Daz Sullivan

24.06 by Aden Kirk

Division B

Kev Wragg 4, John Upton 1

Paul Brown 1, Matt Padgett 4

Jo Oldershaw 5, Scott McGuinn 0

Ant Parry 4, Ricky Gray 1

Rich Hassell 5, Scott McGuinn 0

Joe Draper 4, Daz Allsopp 1

Rob Lamb 3, Tracey Johnson 2

Andy Selby 5, Rich Hassell 0

Rick Gray 2, Rob Lamb 3

Daz Hadfield 4, Rich Hassell 1

Phil Henshaw 5, John Upton 0

Dunc Hardie 0, Scott McGuinn 5


Scott McGuinn, Matt Padgett, Jo Oldershaw, Phil Henshaw (x2)

Highest finish

120 by John Upton

Best legs

13 darts by Phil Henshaw

15 darts by Rob Lamb

16 darts by Daz Hadfield, Rob Lamb and Phil Henshaw.