Artist’s exhibition

Derbyshire-based visual artist Anna Mawby’s latest exhibition of work is to be staged at The Bulls Head in Belper from Wednesday, August 8.

Anna Mawby is an artist who creates contemplative pieces that explore the nuances of life.

‘As it fell silent’ is an exhibition examining our interactions in a pub environment, questioning how our sense of community and belonging would be affected if these spaces ceased to exist.

In a world where shouting louder is seen to be the only way to get heard, Anna Mawby’s work invites the viewer to quietly contemplate their own life, to evoke the thoughts that lie hidden below the surface of your consciousness, and provide a space for reflection.

The Bulls Head, at Belper Lane End, welcomes art lovers, walkers, beer enthusiasts and dogs (with owners) to join them in celebrating the latest dynamic project from Anna, which will runs through to the beginning of September.

Since graduating with a first class degree in fine art, Anna has gained a reputation as a promising artist, having represented the UK in international contexts, such as an intern at the biennial of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Skopje, Macedonia in 2009 and more recently in 2010, as UKYA ambassador, at UK Young Artists 01 in Derby.

More locally, Anna has taken part in Synapse and Wirksworth festivals. Anna most recently exhibited at Derby Museum and Art Gallery in a two-person show with Stephen Carley entitled Can You Hear Me Now?.

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