Author to sign copies of debut

Alfreton crime novelist Charlie Wade will be at The Bakewell Book Shop on Saturday, July 20, signing copies of his debut novel Seven Daze.

It’s unsurprising that Seven Daze has the world of finance at the core of Charlie’s novel as the author spends his days crunching numbers for a transport and distribution company, but his nights are busy writing.

Charlie will be at the store in Matlock Street from 12.30pm

Charlie’s novel follows the progress of Jim who, having left prison, decides to move into the more lucrative field of contract killing. The only problem is that Jim’s first ‘hit’ has a heart attack before he can even pull the trigger.

This sets of a series of events which lead to Jim helping save the man’s life and introducing him to city worker Charlotte.

The problem now is that Jim owes a mob boss £10,000 and has only seven days to find it before something unpleasant happens.