Christine has some stories to tell in Matlock

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Matlock Storytelling Cafe reconvenes for the new year with a get-together on Friday, January 6.

A celebrated spinner of yarns, a weaver of tales with an international reputation will be the special guest. Her heritage is a mix of Lancashire and Yorkshire, and what’s more she’s really good.

Christine MacMahon is the star guest, a vibrant storyteller with a love of traditional folktales, particularly those with a link to her Northern roots.

She has a ready wit and a warm manner, and these attributes, mixed with a dollop of Northern grit, make her a truly unique performer who tells tales close to home even when she is far away.

Matlock Storytelling Cafe meets in the Imperial Room,s Matlock. Doors open at 6.45pm so please be sitting comfortably by 7.30pm. Tickets cost £7 and can be bought by calling Storytelling Café on 01629 580023, or you can pay on the door.

There is fabulous soup and delicious cakes, teas, coffee etc or bring your own booze.

For more information about Christine, visit her website