Stunning show from dance duo

City life is cosmopolitan and bordering on the exotic but Midnight Tango (at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal) raised the bar.

It is, of course, a vehicle for Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, who have delighted us for seven years on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

But while the show propelled their 17-year partnership into national fame, that’s as close as it gets to Len Goodman and his colleagues in this stunner of a night out.

Far from merely transferring their TV performances to the stage, they provide style, charisma and polish in demonstrating to the audience just what the tango is all about.

The atmosphere helps.

A late night bar in downtown Buenos Aires is created, with a world-weary bartender and his wife adding rich comedy through their love-hate relationship.

An additional cast of 12 dancers chat, drink and take to the floor during the course of Midnight Tango

Then joy turns to jealousy as Flavia becomes the object of a love rivalry in which Vincent, for a time, looks like coming off second-best.

But always there is the tango, with Flavia’s astonishing turns, twists and magical footwork, superbly showcased by split-second timing, not to mention the wonderful dancing of Vincent.

Another highlight is Tango Siempre, a splendid ensemble.

Visible in a corner of the bar, they provide a musical masterclass through some 30 numbers ranging from the obscure to the more familiar Jealousy and Sway.

Julian Rowlands (bandoneon), Jonathan Taylor (piano) and Ros Stephen (violin) excel in the music department, providing excellent support to the dancers.

They are complemented by singer Miguel Angel (Ritchie Valens in Buddy and, as such, performer of more than a thousand La Bamba’s).

In the end it is, indeed, all about tango and little else.

As such, the length – which runs to two hours with an interval - is absolutely perfect in a show which has certainly got to score a ten in anybody’s book.