Aussie singer Kim Churchill looks forward to YNot festival

Kim Churchill plays at the YNot Festival
Kim Churchill plays at the YNot Festival

Globe-trotting Aussie singer-songwriter Kim Churchill reckons England puts on some of the best festivals in the world.

“I’ve had some of my most enjoyable shows ever playing festivals in the UK,” he said, “people just seem to have the time of their lives there.”

It’s good news for the revellers who will be packing out YNot Festival in the heart of the Peak District where Kim is looking forward to making his presence felt ahead of the launch of his fifth album, 
Silence/Win on August 7.

“It will be my first visit to Derbyshire,” he said. “With any luck, I’ll build some amazing memories.

“I’m particularly excited about the festival because of the line-up. Saint Raymond is pretty cool and on my record label, Altantic, also. I’ve been hoping to see him play for a while. Similarly with Rae Morris. I’ve never seen the Basement Jaxx either which I’m keen to tick off the list.

“I’m probably best known in England for the live show. That’s what I’ve been hammering away at the last few years. I always prefer to begin a relationship a country through lots of live performance. It’s the most fun and engaging way to connect with people.”

Psychedelic folk singer Kim’s performance highlights in the UK include the grandaddy of all festivals. He said: “Playing Glastonbury was pretty amazing, the only disastrous thing was the tiny tent I thought I’d be okay was a very, very, wet weekend and soggy in bed.”

Does he prefer the wet and wild side of campsite life to snuggling down in a peacful, cosy hotel at the end of the night?

“If there is time to really get involved in the festival then it’s nice to camp and enjoy the experience. But when you’re on tour and you have loads of shows on you just gotta kind of lay low and get enough sleep in a real bed,” he said.

“There’s so much tradition in those summer festivals and it’s amazing to be part of it all. I also have a real soft spot for the English summer. I was brought over a bit as a kid as my mum’s from Chichester.”

Keen surfer Kim said that some of his favourite festivals have been in coastal regions such as St Agnes in Cornwall, Playa Saladita in Mexico and Angourie in Australia.

However, crowd-surfing is more likely at YNot’s landlocked site at Pikehall, between Matlock and Buxton, where Kim will be playing on Sunday, August 2.

Bands and camping are universal themes at festivals but each has its own quirks. Kim said:”There is a game called ‘Swagglehorn’ which they play in the campgrounds of the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

“You basically have to drink your entire can of beer through this big funnel kind of thing (the Swagglehorn) which happens incredibly quickly, then hold the horn to your head, spin around three times to face a pitcher who throws your empty can at you and you try and hit the can as far as you can. If you miss you have to go on again...”