Be thankful for Badapple in Belper

Badapple Theatre bring their new production The Thankful Village to Belper next week
Badapple Theatre bring their new production The Thankful Village to Belper next week
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Badapple Theatre Company return to Belper next week with their new production, The Thankful Village.

The Thankful Village is an original comedy-drama written by Kate Bramley (ex-Hull Truck Theatre) with music by Sony Radio Academy Award winner Jez Lowe.

This is a poignant play that follows the lives of three women from the same rural household, both above and below stairs, through the long years of The Great War after they are left behind, to cope as their men-folk march off to Flanders.

Each one faces up to the challenges in her own way, with resilience, humour, a sense of duty and whatever vestiges of hope she can muster, as the years pass by and they wait anxiously for news of their loved ones far away.

They cannot know that their village will end the war as one of a very few similar communities, for which fate has reserved a special place in history.

The Thankful Villages were those which lost no men in the Great War because all those who left to serve came home again.

And there were some 52 settlements in England and Wales which had this blessing at the end of four years of conflict.

Badapple’s production shows clearly what this Yorkshire-based company has learned, after spending a fruitful decade honing their skills in presenting original and inspirational theatre in a small-scale, yet impressive and stimulating style.

Starring Kaitlin Howard, Zoe Land and Fiona Organ, and directed by Kate Bramley and Paul Smith, the play comes to Belper School Theatre on Wednesday, May 11 at 7.30pm.

For ticket information, call 07743 957017.