Echoes of Pink Floyd in tribute show

The Floyd Effect.
The Floyd Effect.

Pink Floyd tribute band The Floyd Effect are excited to be heading back to a Derbyshire town.

Keyboard player Gordon Reid said: “ “We’ve performed concerts from Penzance to Newcastle, from Cardigan Bay to Ipswick, and almost everywhere in between but Buxton Opera House is, for many us, our favourite venue. We love the character and the history of the building, and playing in the auditorium itself is wonderful, so we feel very privileged to be returning.”

At their concert on November 11, The Floyd Effect will be performing its Toward The Dark Side And Beyond show, which includes many of Pink Floyd’s most iconic tracks from Meddle to The Division Bell. The band will include its signature performance of Dark Side Of The Moon – complete and unbroken, exactly as it was meant to be.

Gordon added: “We’ve only four more performances of this show left before we introduce our 2018 tour. But it means that it’s one of our last chances to play some of our favourite Pink Floyd tracks before we retire them for a few years to make room for some more of our favourite Pink Floyd tracks!”

Bassist Garry Tyrrell added: “Fams of Pink Floyd know every nuance of their music. They would know instantly if we failed to capture an arrangement, a solo, or even a mood correctly, so we owe it to them to get everything right. It helps that everyone in the band loves the music of Pink Floyd as much as the audience does!”

With a powerful show that includes lights, lasers, projections and the iconic circular screen, The Floyd Effect has been touring for ten years, not only in theatres up and down the country, but also attending and headlining tribute festivals such as Tribfest.

Tickets are priced £18.50-£20. Contact 01298 72190 or