Dagenham comes to Derbyshire courtesy of Gatepost

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Made In Dagenham is to be performed by Gatepost Theatre Company at Derby’s Guildhall Theatre from February 22-25.

This inspirational musical comedy is based on the true story of the working women at The Ford River Plant in Dagenham, and their fight against Unions and management for equal pay.

Set in 1968, ironically it bears a striking resemblance (if you’ll pardon the pun) to events happening on the real-life political stage today. This production from the Heanor-based company is full to the brim with the pain and raw emotion of the women, and those around them, who fought valiantly so that women of today are treated fairly in and out of the workplace.

However, do not despair; Made In Dagenham is also packed full of energy as Gatepost’s talented cast bring to life it’s characters through not only the hard times, but through the ironic comedy of the day, and rousing song and energetic dance routines.

Directed and produced by brother combo Christopher and Daniel Collington respectively, Gatepost continue to enhance a reputation as one of the leading am dram companies in the region, and together with accomplished musical director Tom Watkins and choreographer Stephanie Wright have put together another corker of a show.

When asked about Made In Dagenham and working alongside his brother Daniel, director Chris Collington enthused: “Made in Dagenham is an incredible story about resilience, human plight and above all the strength in community.

“It is impossible not feel that togetherness in rehearsals and I think the audience will really feel that warmth the cast have for each other.

“To have my brother as producer has only heightened this emotion for me, we drive each other to be better, we obsess together and I’m sure our parents are sick of hearing us talk about the show all the time!”

Tickets are on sale priced at £13.50 / £11.50 concessions and are available online at www.derbylive.co.uk/MadeInDagenham or calling 01332 255800.