Light-hearted fairy tale to be premiered at Christmas celebration

A pair of elves, a wicked witch, a big bad rabbit and a talking dog are among the characters in a new comedy being staged by an Alfreton church.

“Elf and Safety” is a festive fairy tale which will form part of a Christmas Celebration at the Wesley Methodist Church in Ellesmere Avenue.

The event takes place on Thursday and Friday, December10 and 11, and begins at 7pm.

The short playlet, which has a cast of eight, tells of twin elves who disregard their mother’s advice to keep away from the Enchanted Forest – and end up in the clutches of the wicked witch.

Only a bumbling fairy godmother and her trusty pup Fido can save them from the witch’s bubbling cauldron – but can they get there in time?

Also included in the evening are community carols, seasonal songs by a choir and a Christmas message. Festive fare will also be on the menu.

It is the third year that the church has staged its Christmas Celebration – a joint enterprise by the church’s drama group and choir.

Admission is free and there will be a charity collection.

Producer David Hopkinson said: “We have had lots of fun at rehearsals and are sure the audiences will enjoy our latest show.”

For more information, contact David on 01773 833627.