Belper charity gig for defibrillator appeal

Neverland mandolin player Mick Doyle (Photo: Graham Whitmore)
Neverland mandolin player Mick Doyle (Photo: Graham Whitmore)

One of the area’s most popular bands is holding a gig to raise money for a defibrillator in Belper – after already collecting £2,250 for cancer charities this year.

Neverland, who formed in 1992, have been holding charity gigs throughout the year, raising money for Cancer Research UK and the Breast Unit at the Royal Derby Hospital.

The latest gig will take place at the George and Dragon on Bridge Street from 9.45-11.30pm on Friday.

Mandolin player, Mick Doyle, said: “I’m 60 now and was thinking, ‘what if I have a cardiac arrest on King Street? Where’s the defibrillator?’ There isn’t one.

“This defibrillator will be funded by the people of Belper and fans of Neverland.

“And we’re appealing for all the shopkeepers in King Street to donate something.”

Mr Doyle, who works as a first-aid trainer in his day job, said it was a ‘crying shame’ that a town which won last year’s High Street of the Year award had no defibrillator in the main shopping area.

Their fundraising has already raised more than £850 for the defibrillator, with one Riddings company, Kaydian Design, already donating £100.

“The fans who’ve come to see us have given their all and dug deep, and we want to thank them for that,” said Mick.

“We wanted to do it because, as we’ve aged, we’ve all encountered tragedies in our lives.”

“I lost my sister and my dad to cancer.

“Our bass player Andy also lost his wife to cancer.

“It’s quite a sad time of your life, being of an older age. You look at things in a different light.”

Donations can be made at the George and Dragon on the night or via crowdfunding.justgiving.com/neverlanddefibrillator.

Admission is free, but folk are urged to give generously.

Neverland’s latest appeal

The band are to use their final charity gig for 2015 to raise £2,000 to buy a defibrillator for Belper town centre.

It is hoped that, with the donations and help from the British Heart Foundation, the target can soon be hit.

Mick Doyle from the band plans to hold a free defibrillator training session for up to 20 Belper shopkeepers in the new year.

Anyone interested should email him at mick@firstlinesafetytraining.co.uk.