Brothers at the Flowerpot

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash
Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash

Flowerpot favourites The Nimmo Brothers are back at the popular Derby venue on Friday, April 20.

Stevie and Alan Nimmo hail from Glasgow and have proved themselves over the years as one of the most respected exponents of modern blues the UK has seen since the 1960s blues boom.

Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash are back for their latest visit to the King Street-based venue on Saturday, April 21.

Fronted by original founder member Martin Turner, the band’s performances have established them as firm favourites at The Flowerpot – and beyond.

Then there’s blues rock on Monday, April 23, when Savoy Brown put in an appearance.

Over the past 40 years, the band has been hailed as rock innovators, one of the earliest of British blues bands.

With founder guitarist Kim Simmonds at the helm, they helped launch the 1967 UK blues boom movement that brought blues music back to the USA, invigorating the style forever, and they’re still going strong, as you’ll find out at the Flowerpot.

Meanwhile, Leavon Archer will be performing in a free gig in the bar from 9pm on Wednesday, April 25, the latest in the weekly Acoustic Wednesdays sessions.

Doors open at 8pm and admission is £10 for the Nimmo Brothers, £13 for Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash, and £13 for Savoy Brown.

For more details, contact RAW Promotions on 01332 834438.