Guitar star Chantel is back at Flowerpot

Chantel McGregor
Chantel McGregor

Ace guitarist Chantel McGregor makes her latest eagerly-awaited appearance at The Flowerpot in Derby on Thursday, December 18.

One of the rising stars of today’s British blues-rock scene, Chantel McGregor is a guitarist who takes the technicalities of Vai and Satriani and blends this with the excitement of Hendrix to create high energy music in the vein of Joe Bonamassa and Aynsley Lister.

Imagine the tone of Robin Trower, the inspiration of Hendrix, the influence of Stevie Ray Vaughan, the energy of Bonamassa, the intensity of Walter Trout and the haunting vocal of Stevie Nicks all rolled into one: that’s the multi-talented Chantel McGregor for you.

A former child prodigy, Chantel has since stepped out in the pro-musician world and her stunning performances are proving that this is rock blues for the new age, played by a musician born with an effortless virtuosity, peppered by flights of incendiary guitar and flanked by moments of poise, grace and fluidity.

Support comes from Matt Woosey, who has recently released his acclaimed album Wildest Dreams. Doors open at 8pm. Admission is £12. Advance tickets are available from The Flowerpot and RAW Promotions, and at