On the right track to success

Sound-Hub in Belper
Sound-Hub in Belper

A hidden gem. Belper’s best-kept secret.

That’s how the trio behind flourishing Belper-based record label/studio Sound-Hub, tucked away behind Hackett’s Bar and Boot’s, have described the successful set-up.

Sound-Hub in Belper

Sound-Hub in Belper

From humble beginnings when it was originally set up in late 2009 as one rehearsal room, this quickly developed, with the support of what Sound-Hub have described as “the fantastic music scene we have in Belper and the surrounding areas”, into what Sound-Hub is today: three rehearsal rooms, a state-of the-art recording studio and a nationally-recognised record label and band development facility.

The men behind this local - and now national - success story are owner/director/engineer Tom Carter, producer/head of A&R/band development Barrington Molé, and James Pecz, who deals with artist and press liaison, and business development.

From its unassuming beginnings, Sound-Hub now specialises in producing industry standard recordings and developing unsigned bands to bring them to the attention of the music industry.

Bands on the current roster have gained major deals, tours and radio play, including being playlisted on BBC Radio and playing major UK festivals.

Sound-Hub in Belper

Sound-Hub in Belper

Among those currently to be found on Sound-Hub Records are the likes of WhiteMoor, TheseMortalCities, Jasper In The Company Of Others, James Warner Prophecies and The Thieves.

The Sound-Hub trio explained that for a town the size of Belper to boast such a thriving. facility and musical success story is very unusual.

“Set ups like Sound-Hub are normally only found in cities. We are the UK’s leading independent record label, recording studios, rehearsal rooms and band development facility.

“We take bands and artists from the very beginning of their careers and give them the skills, knowledge and recordings they need to progress further into the music industry, as well as working with, recording and releasing the finest undiscovered bands the UK has to offer.

“There are a few rehearsal rooms dotted around the area, and a few decent recording studios in Derby and Notts however nothing like the set-up we have at Sound-Hub.

“We tend to approach recording artists and bands in a very different way to other studios. We like to develop bands that need that little bit of extra assistance before we even set foot into our recording studios, working with them in our rehearsal rooms to fine tunetheir material, and in the case of singer/songwriters developing their songs with our on site session musicians who help turn an idea on an acoustic guitar into a full band production.

“We’re also not the kind of studio that just records the band and leaves it at that, we like to give all of the music that leaves the studio its individual identity, working on extra instrumentation, harmonies and even full orchestra arrangements in some cases, we are also able to release and distribute their material along with music videos worldwide though our label, there really are no limitations to what we can do for bands.”

After progress in the first four years, Tom, Barrington and James say 2014 was definitely Sound-Hub’s best yet.

“We have found more and more talented bands coming onto the label and we’re doing more and more impressive things with them. We have numerously made the top 100 on the iTunes charts, have had loads of BBC airplay all over the country and had bands on our roster appearing at a number of major UK festivals.

“We have bands coming to work with us from all over the country. Bands and artists hear the music we are producing and submit their material to us online and we take it from there. We’re even in talks at the moment with a band who want to come over from the USA. Sound-Hub is and always has been open to all. “

And 2015 looks like being another bumper year for Sound-Hub: “We have releases coming out from the label nearly every week, all are amazing. We currently have 24 bands signed and are looking to expand. If there are any bands reading this or you know anyone who may be interested head to www.Sound-Hub.com/Label and tell us a bit about yourselves.”

“We think the best way to explain what sets Sound-Hub apart is for people to head over to www.Sound-Hub.com/videos to see some of the music videos and singles we’ve developed, recorded, produced and released over the last 4 years, We believe the music speaks for its self and makes it pretty clear that we’re not your run of the mill recording studios.

“If people would like to know more or see the world class facilities we have on your doorstep feel free to pop into our studios and have a look round, we’re situated at the bottom of King Street behind Hacketts. Alternatively email us at info@Sound-Hub.com or tweet us @SoundHub”