Penny’s fund gig

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MUSICIANS staged a 12-hour gig to raise £1,500 in support of a Belper woman who suffers from a rare illness.

Penny Wheeler has scleroderma, which affects one in every 10,000 people and means her body’s immune system is attacking itself.

Her family and friends have raised thousands of pounds towards the cost of a drug called Rituximab, which is not available on the NHS in the East Midlands and costs £25,000 a year.

And to boost the fundraising further, local songsmiths gathered at Hacketts Bar in King Street, Belper, for a day of live music called SoundHub Live. More than 500 people attended to watch 15 bands perform on two stages.

In a separate fundraising event for the fund, 50 people took part in a 10k run.

Organiser Danielle Brown, who manages The Spanker pub in Nether Heage, said: “I have known Penny’s mum Barbara for a long time and I’m pleased that I can do something to help.”