Tasty treats at monthly arts event

Derby Cathedral Quarter has teamed up with arts promoters Furthest From the Sea to organise a monthly arts event to showcase local talent.

The monthly event, entitled CQ Saturdays presents - Knickerbocker Glorious, launched last month with a host of musicians, comedians, poets and dancers on stage at the waterfall in the Market Place between 11am and 3pm.

Musician and arts promoter Matt McGuinness is from Furthest From the Sea. He explained: “The Cathedral Quarter prides itself on being individual, diverse and inspiring and we needed something quirky to reflect the unique attributes of the area.

“Although the name is unusual, it perfectly reflects what we are trying to do - tempt people with something new and exciting and incorporate lots of different layers and surprises with a large degree of spontaneity to engage and involve the audience.”

The second event will be held on Saturday, June 15 and will then feature as part of a day-long arts extravaganza Furthest From the Sea in the Market Place on June 29.