Oye Santana have live date at The Flowerpot

Santana tribute band Oye Santana are live at The Flowerpot this week
Santana tribute band Oye Santana are live at The Flowerpot this week

The legendary sound of Santana will fill the air at The Flowerpot in Derby this week in the form of renowned tribute band Oye Santana.

Featuring the guitar wizardry of Milan ‘Carlos’ Webb, the keyboard mastery of Gez Kahan and the acclaimed vocals of Hector Gomez, all augmented by a rhythm section with a groove the real Santana would be proud of, Oye Santanta have been hailed as not just one of the UK’s best Santana tributes, but one of the world’s best.

The old school of Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va and Samba Pa Ti, the Supernatural hits like Smooth, Maria, Maria and Corazón Espinado, the classic era of Let The Children Play and Dance, Sister, Dance and the blistering guitar solos on Europa and She’s Not There, they are all covered in Oye Santana’s set.

Whatever your favourite Santanta track, chances are you’ll hear it performed at The Flowerpot with an authenticityand excitement you won’t find anywhere else, aside of seeing the real Santana in the flesh.

Oye Santana travel around to all parts playing in concerts, festivals, theatres, clubs, corporate events and private parties. People clap, people cheer and they dance.

They are at The Flowerpot on Friday, June 10 and doors open at 8pm.

Entry is £10 and tickets are also available in advance from the venue or Raw Promotions on www.rawpromo.co.uk