Peep show star reveals all

Comedian and columnist David Mitchell, star of Peep Show and That Mitchell And Webb Look, has long played on the comic image of lonely, dysfunctional loser.

But, as his autobiography Back Story reveals, he’s really an incurable romantic who fell hopelessly in love with his fiancee, writer and presenter Victoria Coren - and waited three years for her to ditch her boyfriend before making his move. He tells Hannah Stephenson about their forthcoming wedding and his plans for the future.

He made his name as repressed, socially inept Mark Corrigan in Peep Show, the longest-running sitcom in Channel 4 history which begins a new series in November co-starring his comedy partner Robert Webb.

And in his autobiography Back Story, the witty panellist on QI, Would I Lie To You? and Have I Got News For You, admits he’s never been much good with girls.

Until the penultimate chapter, that is, when readers will discover that the Cambridge graduate and star of That Mitchell And Webb Look is really an incurable romantic who fell hopelessly in love.

The couple got engaged in March this year when he popped the question in her kitchen.

announcement appeared in The Times newspaper.

“She’s clever, funny, beautiful,” he says, beaming. “I think she’s amazing. She’s brilliant at what she does.

His book takes readers on a walk across London (Mitchell finds relief for his back in walking) while he reminisces about his childhood, comedy career and other aspects of his life.