Students showcase their talents in dance and musical theatre

South Normanton’s Frederick Gent School brought the school year to an end with an incredible summer performance.

The first half was a flurry of fantastic dance performances, music ensembles andmonologues, displaying the immense talent that is ever present in the upper school students.

The second half was a marvellous rendition of the musical ‘Matilda- in 20 mins’ with a stand out performance from Madison Naylor in the title role and Lydia Jones as Miss Honey. This was one of the school’s best performances to date and a fitting send- off to performing arts staff - Charlotte Bond (head of drama) who directed and Cassie Barrett (curriculum assistant) who choreographed the performance of Matilda, both of whom leave the school this summer.

This show also saw a new musical director in Craig Sutcliffe who took on the role and showed his talent for getting the best out of his students.