A Northern Stage production of Blue Remembered Hills will be performed at Derby Theatre from June 25-29.

Dennis Potter’s classic tale, set in the Forest of Dean during World War Two, is a story of the complex friendships to be found during childhood.

Blue Remembered Hills is a charming and profound play of childhood games and friendships and will be presented by the highly acclaimed Northern Stage Company.

It’s a sunny summer afternoon in the West Country as a group of seven-year-olds play and fight.

Willie is playing at being a spitfire, Peter is avoiding the Williams’ gang, and Raymond is playing at being a cowboy with John.

Angela doesn’t really want to share her china doll with Audrey, and Donald is hiding out in the barn.

Amidst all of these hilarious games and complex friendships, an unexpected turn of events take a dark turn and lead the children headlong into sudden tragedy during one wartime summer, as the adult world intervenes into their carefree games.

Perhaps childhood is not as innocent as it seems?

Originally written for TV and first broadcast by the BBC in 1979, Blue Remembered Hills is one of the most memorable one-off plays that Dennis Potter wrote for the small screen.

In Blue Remembered Hills, the roles of children are played by adults and that TV version included the likes of Helen Mirren, John Bird, Colin Welland and Michael Elphick among its cast.

Almost 20 years after his early death, Dennis Potter continues to speak to our fractious, changing world with a simple but powerful story about personal responsibility. Blue Remembered Hills captures his wicked humour and his fierce intolerance of cruelty.

Tickets are £10-£23. For more information and to book tickets call 01332 59 39 39.