Highly-praised project reaches Derby Theatre

All Our Daughters
All Our Daughters

Derby Theatre is the venue for a touring production of All Our Daughters? from February 28-March 1.

This groundbreaking and award-winning project from the New Vic Theatre, uses drama to highlight the issuesof forced marriage and ‘honour’ violence.

Supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Forced Marriage Unit, All Our Daughters? uses the testimonies of real women from the Stoke area and aims to increase understanding of forced marriage and so-called ‘honour’ violence so that young people, teachers and other professionals are more able to spot tell-tale signs and help those who may be at risk.

All Our Daughters? is written and directed by Susan Moffat, director of New Vic Borderlines, the New Vic initiative which works with people at risk of being socially marginalised due to position, status, class or culture.

When All Our Daughters? first toured Staffordshire in 2010, the production received praise from Metropolitan Police Detective Inspector, Brent Hyatt and Nazir Afzal, a director at the Crown Prosecution Service.

Nazir Afzal said: “It is without doubt an enormously worthwhile project that I am sure will significantly contribute to saving lives.”

For tickets, call 01332 593939.