Stars are out for play

Chris Ellison in Dead Ringer
Chris Ellison in Dead Ringer

Derby Theatre continues its season of top-class touring productions from June 18-23 with the witty political thriller Dead Ringer.

A familiar cast is to be led by Chris Ellison (Frank Burnside in The Bill) with Tony Adams, who became a household name as Adam Chance in the long-running soap opera, Crossroads, Keith Drinkel who played Liz Macdonald’s dodgy boyfriend Bob in Coronation Street and Joanne Heywood – Jessica Lovelace in Grace And Favour.

When the Prime Minister drops dead from an apparent heart attack on the eve of a general election, two cabinet members who fear they need his charisma to get re-elected hire an out-of-work actor to replace the deceased. This dead ringer is supposed to fill in until after the election is won, but he grows to like the role

until he discovers that the real PM was poisoned.

This thriller plunges from early amusing fantasy into murder and dark plots. Tickets cost £8-£21. Call the box office on 01332 593939.